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Fresh Lobster In Kos Town Prepared And Served With Care

Fresh lobster in Kos town prepared and served with care

Are you looking for a restaurant that serves fresh lobster in Kos town?

Of course you are, or at least you should! That’s of course not an order but merely our sincere suggestion.
No one should leave the island of Kos with out enjoying and tasting the best lobster in Kos town. Our family restaurant has a tradition in selecting, preparing and serving lobster.

Daily our chef visits the local fishermen to select the best lobsters for our guests.

When visiting our restaurant you will probably see them laying on ice and not swimming in an aquarium. There is a reason for that. Lobster are not made for aquarium, they do not like it in there and often due to lack of protein and nutritions that they have access to in open sea, they start loosing weight.

So yes, the lobsters we serve are 100% fresh and very tasty.

We usually prepare lobster on grill or with pasta. You should taste them both, but we suggest the grilled version.

Remember to BOOK A TABLE and give us a call or send us a message to order lobster. Our clients order days on beforehand due to the high demand and because we are a popular and well known place for fresh lobster.

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